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In today’s economy, there are more reasons than ever to cut your energy bill. One of the most popular ways to do so is to invest in green, renewable energy to power all or part of your home. But, even if you don’t have the resources or the time to install a full Photovoltaic Solar Kit on your roof, there are dozens of other ways to cut your bills, save money, and generally be more kind to Mother Earth.

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Homemade Solar Panels (and why they can’t be beat)

Homemade Solar Panels

Therefore, working on solar panels is dream project for me. Not to mention, I like working on something that’s saved me money, and I also like the sense of pride of knowing that I can work on something worthwhile. I’m a person that also likes self-sufficiency.

Not only does this project power my home, but it teaches me to take care of anything that might come my way. There are some projects that I’ve taken on that I’ve realized that I needed help with, but this is one that I could take on by myself. As a matter of fact, after making my own homemade solar panels, I wanted to tell everyone what led me to do this in the first place. So, I’m sharing with you some of the bigger reasons why I make my own solar panels, and why I think you should give it a try yourself.

Saving money up front

There are some deals out there for the person who want so purchase solar panels. However, even the best deals out there aren’t going to save you money, like making your own solar panels. This is because you’re buying the materials, while cutting out the retail cost.

Long Term Cost Savings

As I’ve mentioned, this goes hand-in-hand with saving money up front. For example, a commercial solar power system can take up to 20 or 30 years before you break even on the cost, which by the way comes up to over $10,000.

So, it goes without saying that the less money that you put up front, the faster you’re going to break even on your investment. For example, even if it takes you a year to break even on your system, it’s still better than 20 to 30 years! This also means you get years or more worth of money in the bank as profit, compared to doing things the other way.


Homemade solar panels can create flexibility within your power in system. When people buy a solar powered system, they find that they can’t afford the upfront costs. But when they make their own homemade solar power systems, they can expand their power system at their own financial pace.

Knowledge is power

People might not realize it, but there is viable knowledge that comes with solar power systems. Like I already said, if you really want to know about solar power systems, then get your hands their, and make them yourself!

For example, if you are having problems with a purchased solar power system, you’d have to call an expert, which was cost a lot of money. However, if you make your own solar powered system, then it makes sense that you would also know how to fix it, since you were the one who built it.

So, as you can easily see, there’s lots of benefits in making your own solar power system, instead of buying a commercial panel. I advise you to learn how to make solar panels because this really is the most affordable option for you.

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