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In today’s economy, there are more reasons than ever to cut your energy bill. One of the most popular ways to do so is to invest in green, renewable energy to power all or part of your home. But, even if you don’t have the resources or the time to install a full Photovoltaic Solar Kit on your roof, there are dozens of other ways to cut your bills, save money, and generally be more kind to Mother Earth.

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How Does Solar Energy Works (and 3 easy ways to make it work for you)

How the Solar Energy Works at the Atom Level ?

Think about this for a second: visualize a little silicon atom with lots of electrons floating around it in orbit. Now, consider 2 atoms close to one another, each with their own floating electrons. Think about 1 electron that circles both atoms equally. The electron that is shared between the two atoms connects them on a physical level and it becomes impossible for them to separate.

Now, think about millions of atoms that are all connected with similar electrons. This is the process for silicon atoms to bind together to create a silicon crystal structure.

The strength of these connected atoms will continue to keep them together until something of great force, like sunlight, comes through and destroys the bond. The break of the connection is made by the photons that are small particles which are included in the energy of the sunlight. When these types of photons make contact with the silicon atoms, the bond is broken so that the shared electron can begin to move freely by itself.

Many electrons tend to be separated in the silicon atoms they connect, and they group with each other to build the actual electrical current that you utilize to provide energy to your residence. Therefore, the more sunlight that collides with the atoms, the greater electrons that are taken off their orbit and allowed to combine with other electrons to create electricity.

How the Solar Energy works at the Solar Cell Level ?

The solar cell, also called the photovoltaic cell, is simply a group of silicon crystals that have been situated into a thin wafer. These wafers are sliced from silicon crystals which have been grown inside a laboratory and have a few extra materials added to support an increased efficiency of the cells. When it has been cut to the correct size, the silicon wafer is then connected to the solar panel and is the solar cell which you can see. Metal strips are also connected to the cell to ensure that the electrical power that is created to have a channel in which to flow.

How the Solar Energy Works on the Solar Panel ?

A single solar cell only has the ability to create a tiny quantity of energy. Therefore, separately they are unable to power almost anything. Nevertheless, they can be combined to create a solar cell network, which can create a significant amount of power when they all work together. When the cells are connected, they are covered with a panel for protection. At this point, you’ve got a solar panel.

3 Easy Ways to Make Solar Power Work for You

You can use a completed solar panel in many different ways. It is possible for you to reduce costs with different applications of these panels so that solar power works for you.

  1. A single panel may be used alone in order to power an electric device that was originally powered by a battery.
  2. It can also be used as a battery charger that will help you accumulate energy for later use.
  3. The solar panel can be connected to an inverter, which is a tool that will change the solar power to a form of electricity that can run your home.

Hopefully you now understand how solar power works, or at least a little better than you did before. You should know that the scientific explanations for this energy are a lot more complex, but this breakdown should allow to you grasp the basic process of how it all works.

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