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In today’s economy, there are more reasons than ever to cut your energy bill. One of the most popular ways to do so is to invest in green, renewable energy to power all or part of your home. But, even if you don’t have the resources or the time to install a full Photovoltaic Solar Kit on your roof, there are dozens of other ways to cut your bills, save money, and generally be more kind to Mother Earth.

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Archive for August, 2012

Cheap Solar Cells (how to get them cheaper than you think)

Solar Cell

When you are the one building solar panels for your home or at least looking into it, you need to know how to get a hold of the inexpensive solar cell or cells to use to make your total cost less. There is more than one choice for this depending on the amount of money [...]


If you are serious about saving money on your energy bill, then you might want to consider a paid guide. But don't worry because these guides pay for themselves with the money they help you save.

I have personally gone through and reviewed over 20 guides and here are the best of the best:

Earth4Energy review

Best Solar Power Guide: Earth 4 Energy

If you want to learn how to learn how to make the highest quality and professional looking solar panels that will last years longer than the competition then this solar power guide is for you. I've tried many of the other guides but this is the one that I continue going back to.

Click Here to Best Solar Power Guide

Note: View the video until the end to understand the advantages of the DIY guide.

GreenDIYenergy review

Best Wind Power Guide: Green DIY Energy

If you are looking for step by step instructions for making the highest quality yet inexpensive homemade wind turbines then this wind power guide is for you. Plus this guide also comes with my second favorite solar power guide for free. So if you to know how to make a wind turbine that will last for decades then this check this one out.

Click Here to Best Wind Power Guide

nikolateslasecret review

Best Free Energy Guide: Tesla Secret

If you pay for electricity, you've been hit hard by high energy prices. And, if you're like most people, you're thinking... there's got to be a better way. A better way to heat your home; a better way to use electricity without spending a fortune; a better way to get save on your electricity bill. This guide is a digital book that shows you how to create a Tesla Free Energy Device which generates free electricity.

Click Here to Best Free Energy Guide

Power4Home review

Best All Inclusive: Green Eco Club

If you want all the best DIY energy guides available to save some serious money then this is it. With a new guide every single month and tons of expert advice and help you will never have a lack of projects to do. If you want only the best and for the best price then Green Eco Club is for you. Buy premium products.

Click Here to: Green Eco Club

Homemade Solar Panels (and why they can’t be beat)

Homemade Solar Panels

The reason why I started making my own homemade solar panels, is because I like taking on challenges that come with new projects that I’ve never performed before. I also like learning how to use my hands on projects. I find that when you get your hands into the project, you learn so much more. [...]


Cheapest Solar Panels (2 options for unbeatable prices)

Cheapest Solar Panels

The cheapest solar panels are always those which you build yourself, but of course you will need to do all of the work yourself. If that’s not something which sounds like it’s for you, keep reading anyway; we’ll also go over how to find the best prices on premade solar panels. Homemade Solar Panels As [...]


5 Reasons to Build Your Own Solar Panels

build solar panel

You must not have been watching the news recently if you haven’t at least considered building your own solar panels! We’re not only polluting the environment – we’re rapidly consuming the resources of our planet.   You might believe these problems don’t have anything to do with you but believe, they have! We all realize [...]


Wind Generator Blade Repair And Maintenance

Regular wind generator blade repair and maintenance is critical to ensuring that your wind generator can continue to perform at peak efficiency. Storms and accidents can cause damage to a wind turbine generator’s blades and without immediate repairs; this damage can pose a hazard to persons, property and animals along with making your wind generator [...]